Our products and materials

At The Bark Co. we take very serious the quality of our products. You'll definitely will notice that if you end up buying our collarsleashes or harnesses. If you like we can explain you a bit why is that and how we make our products:

  • We are local: First of all, we design all our products in Barcelona, although the soul of the company comes from Sevilla (south of Spain, Kingdom of Flamenco music). And we do it here:

      Nice, huh? We get really inspired here and we do work really well in this environment.

    Once we design our products we just use the best quality materials out there:

    • Nylon ribbon (100% recycled plastic nylon) in jacquard: our designs are NOT printed. We use jacquard nylon ribbons to make it look way nicer than the usual products you see in shops. It is resistant and nice to the eye and the hand.
    Here you can see it in detail.
    • 100% Cotton ribbon: we use cotton because is the softest and nicer material we could thought of and at the same time it is resistant enough for a little buddy :) You'll definitely will enjoy swapping from regular nylon leashes to our 100% cotton ones.
    • Sustainable: Because of the material we can be sure that you can wash them as many time as you like and you will have it as if it were new.
    • Fancy pancy: Old Gold platted trimmings are very important because it help the collar/harness & leash to stick together. We use iron trimmings with a hint of gold, which makes it very nice and really solid.


      etiquetas marca the bark company rollos algodón the bark company cintas nylon en jacquard the bark company

      Finally we send our products to our atelier in Barcelona, where a very experienced lady is going to build them one by one, as you can see in the pictures. 

        taller the bark company taller the bark company 2

        We'd also like to tell you why we believe our collar and leashes are the best in the market and, why not, the coolest :D (there are plenty of cool ones, to be honest, but we do believe a lot on what we do! hehe):

        • THEY ARE LONG-LASTING: we don't want you to buy a collar every 6 months. We prefer you buy one every 2 years (it is better for the environment and for your pocket). We prefer you talking nice about our products and enjoy them rather than selling 3 times a year to the same customer.
        • THEY ARE LIGHT: which is good for the human and the dog. Cotton ribbon helps us to achieve this objective.
        • VERY RESISTANT: the cotton ribbon base plus the nylon ribbon attached makes it almost impossible to break.
        • NICE: they are pleasant to touch and sight
        • ORIGINAL DESIGNS: we haven't seen them in other shops to be honest :)

        So, have a look at the shop or instagram and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any kind of question/suggestion for us.

        We love you here, and we thank you for that!

        The Bark Company.

        Size & Care


        All our products are made to last or be eaten by our dogs :D

        However, we recommend:


        SIZE BREEDS (just a suggestion) LENGTH (CM / INCHES) WIDTH
        (CM / INCHES)
        XS Chihuahua, Teckel, Maltese... 

        20-30 cm / 7.8-11.8 inch

        1,5 cm / 0.59 inch

        36 gr.
        S Teckel, Cocker, Fox Terrier, Husky...

        28-42 cm / 11-16.5 inch

        2 cm / 0.78 inch

        76 gr.
        M-L Husky, Labrador, Basset Hound, Braco...

        39-65 cm / 15.4-25.5 inch

        2,5 cm / 0.98 inch

        113 gr.



        (M / INCHES)
        (CM / INCHES)
        S Short, great for cities and urban walks 1,2 meter / 47.2 inch
        2,5 cm / 0.98 inch
        M  A bit longer than the S, also for urban pets 1,4 meters / 55 inch
        2,5 cm / 0.98 inch



        SIZE BREEDS 
        (just a suggestion)
        (CM / INCHES)
        (CM / INCHES)
        (CM / INCHES)
        (CM / INCHES)
        XS Chihuahua, Teckel, Maltese... 18-34 cm / 7-13.4 inch 26-42 cm / 10.2-16.5 inch 8 cm / 3.15 inch 11-14 cm / 4.3-5.5 inch
        S Teckel, Cocker, Fox Terrier, Husky... 30-51 cm / 11.8-20 inch 40-60 cm / 15.7-23.6 inch 10 cm / 3.9 inch 14-20 cm / 5.5-7.8 inch
        M-L Husky, Labrador, Basset Hound, Braco... 45-70 cm / 17.7-27.5 inch 54-80 cm / 21.25-31.5 inch 15 cm / 5.9 inch 19-28 cm / 7.4-11 inch


        IMPORTANT NOTE: we manufacture all our product by hand, so you might find a difference between this sizes above and the reality. We usually don't make a size over 5% different of the size above.