Our Story

The Bark Company is Rafa, Cati and Marylin (our dear Basset Hound). We decided to start this business for several reasons:

  • We actually struggled a lot to find collars and leashes that we liked and that were good quality products.
  • We come from consultancy business and we were looking forward to be able to 'touch' something with our hands :)
  • We also thought that it would be a great idea to make something that would help other people to get jobs and generate some positive work flow in our community.

So, we started to do maths, numbers, calls, analysis and everything else until we saw that it could be doable. We also thought that we wanted these products to be:

  • Long-lasting: we don't want you to buy several products every year because your dog breaks them :) We prefer that you come once a year or two and that you are happy with it. We encourage our team to build high quality products, because we believe that is what Nature needs.
  • Pretty: we can't sell ugly stuff, we do love design and we think that we have to put the maximum effort on this. I think we achieved that :D
  • Reasonable price: we also want everybody to be able to afford it. And yes, you might think that you can buy a collar for 5€/$ but the truth is that our collars: will last longer, will help other people with their business and will be more original. So... you take the decision!
  • Useful and comfortable: we want our products to be comfortable for our dogs, but also we need that our products are 100% secure. Because of the materials we use, we believe we have achieved that as well.

The creative process we do it in Barcelona, where we design our products from the heart of Raval neighborhood. Although you might notice that we have a southern soul, because both Cati and Rafa come from the south of Spain, Andalucía.

To end with, I'd like you to introduce the most important part of the business, our muse: Marylin. We just can say lovely words for this happy and beautiful basset that makes our lives better. although she's a love, I have to say that it is extra-stubborn hihihi



Size & Care


All our products are made to last or be eaten by our dogs :D

However, we recommend:


SIZE BREEDS (just a suggestion) LENGTH (CM / INCHES) WIDTH
XS Chihuahua, Teckel, Maltese... 

20-30 cm / 7.8-11.8 inch

1,5 cm / 0.59 inch

36 gr.
S Teckel, Cocker, Fox Terrier, Husky...

28-42 cm / 11-16.5 inch

2 cm / 0.78 inch

76 gr.
M-L Husky, Labrador, Basset Hound, Braco...

39-65 cm / 15.4-25.5 inch

2,5 cm / 0.98 inch

113 gr.



S Short, great for cities and urban walks 1,2 meter / 47.2 inch
2,5 cm / 0.98 inch
M  A bit longer than the S, also for urban pets 1,4 meters / 55 inch
2,5 cm / 0.98 inch



(just a suggestion)
XS Chihuahua, Teckel, Maltese... 18-34 cm / 7-13.4 inch 26-42 cm / 10.2-16.5 inch 8 cm / 3.15 inch 11-14 cm / 4.3-5.5 inch
S Teckel, Cocker, Fox Terrier, Husky... 30-51 cm / 11.8-20 inch 40-60 cm / 15.7-23.6 inch 10 cm / 3.9 inch 14-20 cm / 5.5-7.8 inch
M-L Husky, Labrador, Basset Hound, Braco... 45-70 cm / 17.7-27.5 inch 54-80 cm / 21.25-31.5 inch 15 cm / 5.9 inch 19-28 cm / 7.4-11 inch


IMPORTANT NOTE: we manufacture all our product by hand, so you might find a difference between this sizes above and the reality. We usually don't make a size over 5% different of the size above.