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Inspirational bites: Spanish Artists

June 20, 2017 1 Comment

Inspirational bites: Spanish Artists

Hello there!

We are all the time trying to discover new ideas and inspirational art and design for personal and professional purposes. Today we want to share with you some of our favorite Spanish young artists that we love and we believe they march a lot with our brand:


We really love his work: a mix of collage, new design and fresh broken images that take us to another dimension. Rafafans works a lot with the fashion industry, although I believe his work could also be part of a museum and of course album covers. Here some of his artworks:

rafafans artwork faces  







See more here.

Coco Dávez:

She is a young artist from Spain that uses quite simple lines to express all her art. She is quite influenced by current popular cultures such as writers, musicians, and movie actors as we can see in the following examples of his series 'Faceless':

faceless coco davezfaceless coco davez #1Frida kaloh coco davez

See more here.


This young couple of artists creates amazing clothing for both men and women. Their style is unique and quite fresh, they combine different elements in an elegant way, always trying to use fun and colors as their main asset. Have a look to some of their creations:

fruit shirt batabastapeach shirt batabastaufo shirt batabasta

See more here.

So these are some of the artists we love and things we get inspired from. We'd love to collaborate with them and get to know them in person, how they work and their inspiration. We hope you guys like it and please do not hesitate to comment and share other nice inspirations you might have!


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June 20, 2017

Very insparing. It´s always insteresting to see what others are doing. It doesn´t mean that you are going to copy them. Just helps to let your mind and imagination fly.
By the way, very nice collar designs. Congrats!!!

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