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Free shipping on orders over 50€

A dog collar for you (and your dog).

June 06, 2017

A dog collar for you (and your dog).

Hey there!

We are starting our blog at The Bark Company. As you probably already know we produce handmade dog collars, leashes, and harnesses for stylish humans. In this blog, we want to cover several topics, from design and fashion ideas to our personal tips to grow your small business, as well as (of course!) our products, our dogs, and our lovely clients.

Today we want to share with you our short story and how we came up with the business idea of making a Made in Europe dog collar shop.

Marylin the bark co collar shopThis here is Marylin, our Basset Hound. We just love her and how stubborn she gets :D This is the reason why we started this business, Cati and me (Rafa). We struggled to find a proper collar and leash to suit her beauty and style, so we decided to have a deeper look around and we honestly found very nice brands around the globe, but we saw there were plenty of room for a new one, with some different designs (such as ours) and a very clear perspective about how to focus a new small business: make a great a product, use proximity materials and produce in you own city if possible. Plus we did not like that almost 90% of the brands used plastic (nylon ribbons) always. We believed we could make room for our ideas in the market, and after a few months of providers, materials, planning, etc. we finally launched our site in December 2016.

We are proud to say that after a year we sell in many countries around the World and we can ship our products almost everywhere within 3 days. 

icon collection the bark co dog supply

 We currently offer 3 different collections: Icon, Form & Root. We try to start making an elegant and modern focus for stylish humans and happy dogs. 

We have been mentioned in several dog & fashion magazines such as Dog Milk or Cosmopolitan, in which we were dressing our top-model-actress, Blanca Suárez, client's dog: Pistacho.

 In this Blog, we want to share all the things that inspire us: an artist like Coco Dávez, brands like Pendleton or products like Natural dog company.

Very soon you will be hearing from us, we strongly recommend you to sign up to our newsletter (you get a 10% welcome code), and we will start sharing all our inspiration about fashion, businesses/projects, and of course: Dogs.

Thanks for being here, helping us grow and support local businesses.

The Bark Co. Team

Cati, Rafa & Marylin | The Bark Co.



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