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3 Collars for 3 Friends ❤︎

July 11, 2017 1 Comment

3 Collars for 3 Friends ❤︎


Hello guys!

we are starting a new section here: Spread your Love section! 

We are giving away 3 collars for you and your friends this week, Read carefully to understand all the process and the gift you get:

What's the Prize?

If you win the raffle you will get a free collar (you chose pattern and size) for you, plus 2 more collars for any friends you like. You will also receive a cotton bag for cleaning purposes with our logo.

How can I check the products?

Go to our site and select collars under the Shop link, or go directly here.

Do I have to pay Shipment?

No, you don't, it is included in the prize. The only condition is that all 3 collars must be shipped to the same address.

Which pattern can I select?

The one you like the most!

When can I participate?

The contest will last from Tuesday 11th of July until Monday 17th of July (3 PM Spanish time).

How can I participate?

Very easy! You just have to go to this link and enter your name and email address.

How do we choose the winner?

We will give a number to the participants and then raffle it using an automated tool. We will do a live video on Instagram on Monday 6 PM (Spanish time) so we'll get the winner.

Can I participate from anywhere in the World?

Unfortunately, this contest will only take place for European countries. 🇪🇺

Do I subscribe to the Newsletter if I agree to participate?

Yes! But you will be able to unsubscribe from our newsletter any time.

Do I have to follow The Bark Co. on Instagram or share images of the contest?

No, you don't have to, although you'll make us very happy if you do. And remember, the more friends you bring to the contest the more chances you get to win!

So, don't think it twice and participate now!

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Theresa Roberts
Theresa Roberts

July 11, 2017

I don’t see a link in the email… It says click on this link but there’s no link

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